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Quico Tretze (1979, Barcelona), since I was three years old I’ve been living in Igualada and my second home is the small town of l’Espelt. The combination of the different areas I’m involved with has created the need to express myself in a multidisciplinary way: I am an industrial engineer and sound technician (studio and live) and guitarist for several groups. My passion for music has made me feel the need to write and express the emotions that overwhelm me…

Inspired by thousands of lyrics, I write my texts like melodies with my internal tempo which makes me break any imposed rule.

In 2010 I released my first book of poetry ‘Emocions cícliques …’ published by Editorial Sallida.

In 2015 I released my first solo music album ‘Perdut e Amat

Apart from my solo career, I am currently the bassist of the rock bands ‘Black Kiss Superstar‘ and ‘Steve Smyth & The Outlaws‘, rhapsode in the project ‘Emocions Cícliques‘ with the guitarist Santi Méndez, I play guitar in Kindie Rock shows with ‘Lali BeGood‘, I write lyrics for other bands and I’m also a DJ for parties.

And… I love recording new stuff in my ‘Studio13’ and scheduling shows and tours through my company ‘Atmosfera13‘, this allows me to discover and meet great musicians and people from around the world..

Quico Tretze - Teatre Municipal Ateneu

Picture: Iulia Pironea


Quico Tretze

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